Duo, Trio, and Quartet

Everything is Personal for soprano with optional guitar

Proxy for brass trio

Notables for piccolo and e-flat clarinet

Postscript for soprano, piccolo (+ bass flute), and guitar

For the Sake and the Spite of Continuity for soprano and bass flute

For the Sake of Opacity (A Catalyst for Honesty) for soprano, piccolo, and guitar

Nonsuperfluous Irregulars and Vacillations for piccolo, violin, glockenspiel, and celesta

Interpolations Hewn From a Choice Machine for flute, violin, and piano

All of the Inquiries I Can Offer Right Now for clarinet (e-flat + bass) and piano

Scenes of Disassemblage and Coalescence for violin and cello

Diagram of a Little Less Than Everything for B-flat clarinet and violin

Diagram of a Paired and Inseparable Pair for B-flat clarinet and cello